DMC2U Presents: Original Websites and Photos from AWReunions AW Reunions AWReunions have been held for many years in locations around the world. These are gatherings where VR meets Real Life.Citizens and Tourists come together in various locations. Be it in a small Pub, with a few people from the same area. To large gatherings attended by people from around the world. History dictates these be preserved and recorded. On the left, A group of Boston 2005 atendees pose under the AW Sign at 95 Parler Street. Top Right, The 2001 Las Vegas Reunion at the Luxor. Top Left, Various photos taken at Reunions.  Please Email to add content on any AWReunion. © DMC2U - For The Activeworlds Community. 2012 Sponsored by AWI, this was a fantastic Reunion.    Some Attendees Boston 2005  @ AWI Offices L - R / Rainbeau - ChrystalRose - Cablecar Gal Fierrccee Ferrette and OpalMist